Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer 2012 Fun

Well I have not been the best (ok down right horrible) at updating my blog.  I guess almost 4 year old triplets keep us VERY busy:-)  So I thought I would create an album of pictures of our fun activities from this summer.  It mainly consists of pics from our family vacation to Myrtle Beach but there are also some fun pictures of our new garden, playing at birthday parties and having just good ol' fun with each other.  Enjoy! (click the link below)

Summer Fun 2012

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Welcome Spring!

Wow! I am SO glad it is finally spring!!! I feel like I say this every year but it really was a long winter:-( And I realize that I have so serious catching up do regarding the Callahan Crew since it has been since January that I last updated the blog! And yes, as you can imagine, a lot has happened since January...we had wonderful visits with close friends, watched Butler go the NCAA Championship again, played at the Children's Museum, moved into big kid beds, started speaking in complete sentances and celebrated Valentines Day, birthdays, Easter and Mothers Day (whew!). So hear are some pictures to catch you up on our last four months:

Happy Easter from three favorite munchkins!!

Harry enjoying his jelly beans from Easter egg hunt

Easter egg hunt at our house!

Celebrating Easter with Grammy and Grampy

Another Easter egg hunt at Nana's house...they've gotten pretty good at this:-)

Olivia and Daddy

Reading with Nana, Aunt Leah and Cousin Evan

Madeline and Grampy

Harry playing with Cousin Evan

Mommy with her "babies" :-D

Decorating Easter eggs with Daddy

Another Easter Egg hunt at school!

Madeline making a cross necklace with Grammy at school

Harry "wearing" his necklace;-)

So I mentioned that the triplets moved into their "big" beds about a month ago. I was kind of nervous about this but they have done great! I kind of went all out with decorating their new rooms since I never did much with their nursery. I had someone paint butterflies for the girls and an airplane for Harry. Another lady, Mary, helped me with the rest of the decorating and the rooms turned out AMAZING! Here is the final product:
One set of butterflies

The other set of butterflies

A view of most of the girls' room

One view of Harry's "airplane room" as he calls it:-)

Another view with the hand painted airplane

Olivia playing with our "besties" the Corcoran boys

Mommy with Madeline on my birthday

This is how I walked in the room and found the girls...they are all so funny sometimes!

Madeline playing at the park on one of our first "warmer" days

The girls swinging...notice no more baby swings!!! They can all finally swing like big kids:-)


Madeline wearing Mommy's boots...they love to put our shoes on:-)

Harry playing with Cousin Evan

Madeline reading to Cousin Evan

I love these three SO much!

Being silly:-D

Harry and Nana for Nana's birthday

Back in February, our very close friends, the Angermeiers, the Klines and the Sabelhaus' all stayed the weekend for some fun times! Here are all 7 of our kids:

Playing at the Children's museum

Olivia and Addie playing in the "garden"

Madeline, Cole and Harry playing with the ball machine

Harry and Dora:-)

The triplets with Cole and Garrett

Olivia, Lyla and Madeline

Quinn and Madeline

Lyla and Olivia playing with the trampoline

Megan and Harry....I love this girl! She's like a second mommy for my kiddos:-)

Now Madeline in Daddy's shoes...I told you they love our shoes!

The girls reading...the triplets all LOVE books!

Mommy and Madeline

Unfortunately the triplets got RSV in January...it was awful! In this picture, Harry was keeping Madeline company while she did her breathing treatments...so cute!

Fun times with Daddy!

Olivia and Harry playing...yes HArry is pushing a pink baby stroller. You can't blame him?!?! He's surrounded by two pushy sisters!

Madeline with her favorite lion

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Time...and some other pictures too!

Happy 2011!!! Wow, 2010 just FLEW by! I guess three 2 year olds keep us pretty busy thus making the days pass very quickly:-) We had a wonderful Christmas this year though. Although I'm not convinced the kids completely got the whole Santa thing, they definitely had a ton of fun opening their presents on Christmas morning:-D Leading up to Christmas, we played the "Elf on a Shelf" game with thim...which they loved! They named their elf Bob, ha! For those who are not familiar with this game, every night Bob "moves" to a new spot in the house after giving Santa a report on whether the kiddos were naughty or nice and then the kids have to find Bob's new hiding spot in the morning...so cute! We also read stories about Santa and the true meaning of Christmas, Baby Jesus' birth. All in all it was a wonderful holiday season:-D Here are our pictures from Christmas:

To start the Christmas weekend, we went to Grammy and Grampy's house on Christmas Eve to open presents and have brunch. Here is Harry with his new sit and spin:

Here are the girls opening one of their presents while Darma looks on

Grammy showing Olivia how to use her new piano

The trio watching the dancing Santa...they loved this funny thing!

With Grammy and Grampy:-)

For Christmas Eve dinner, we had over all the family for our traditional lasagna dinner. Here they are dressed up in front of our Christmas tree:

Olivia posing in front of the fireplace...so pretty!

Harry and Mads...she loved her pockets on her dress!

And here's the whole fam:-D

The kids were SO excited on Christmas morning when they look downstairs and saw their presents under the tree. They all shouted "presents!!!" and took off running to the tree. Here they go:

So fun!

They love their new vacuum...it really sucks up dirt!

Madeline opening her new Elmo present...she was so excited when she saw him!

Harry "talking" with their new Elmo

Olivia and Harry playing with their new beading set

Daddy took an arial shot of the christmas morning fun!

For Christmas day and dinner all the family met over at Nana's house for more presents and food. We had so much fun! Here the girls are with Aunt Leah and Nana opening with new grocery cart.

I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of our winter time activities so I thought I would catch everyone up with our past 6 weeks or so. Daddy got a few extra days off around Christmas so we decided to take the kiddos to the Children's Museum (along with everyone else in town!) to see the Jolly Days exhibit. Unfortunately the line for the slide was WAY too long but the kids had a blast nonetheless. Here is Olivia running around the Playscape:

Madeline "driving" the backhoe
Harry taking Olivia for a ride...so cute!

Playing in the sand together

Madeline in the race car

And Olivia

And Harry too!

This was as close to the slide as we got...oh well:-)

With Christmas time this year, came our first trip to see Santa! We took the kids to the Christmas on the Farm at Traders Point Creamy where they had Santa, live reindeer and lots of yummy food. Here the triplets are waiting in line to see Santa:

Olivia was first to go and did great! Of course, when Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas she said "no" to everything he suggested. I guess she is an easy one!

Very quickly Harry wanted to join Olivia on Santa's lap and they both did great. But when we asked Madeline it was a different story....

This was as close as Madeline was going to get to Santa! Altough I consider it a huge success considering there was no tears:-)
Trying to pose in front of the beautiful Christmas Tree...Madeline wouldn't stop looking at to look at the camera....oh well!

Checking out the reindeer...they loved them!

December was unusually snowy for Indiana this year but it was fun to have a white Christmas! We took the kids out after the first snow at the beginning of December not sure what to expect considering last year they all three screamed when we took them out in the snow. It's amazing what a difference a year makes becuase they loved the snow! Daddy took them for a sled ride and taught them how to make snow balls. Here are our three little eskimos:


Sled ride...weeeeeee!

Although we made the decision to keep our fake tree considering I already have too many things to take care of in my house, Nana helped me take the kiddos to a local Christmas Tree farm for some fun. Here we are in front of a tree in their barn:

Nana with Madeline and Harry

Harry LOVED these big lights!

I just though this was such a cute recent picture of the girls...aren't they looking older?!?!

The triplets are still loving preschool. Their teacher Mrs. Truwe is a saint of a woman and takes such great care of the kiddos. Here is Olivia at their fall party:

Harry with his turkey

Madeline with Mrs. Truwe

Madeline is such a crazy little girl...she always has been! Here she is with Harry's hard hat and mommy's shoes on:-)