Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of Catching Up To Do!

Well hello everyone...finally! Sorry it has been a month since I last updated the blog...warm weather has finally come and I seem to be keeping myself very busy:-) Therefore I must warn you that I have gotten a little carried away with the pictures in this blog but there has been so much that has happened in the past month!

On a non-baby related note, Bryan and I took out first trip away from the babies since they were born. We decided to take a long weekend away to Gatlinburg, TN. and rented a cabin in the Smokey Mountains. We had a great time and it was good for us to have some time together, just the two of us to relax. The Grandmas so graciously watch the kiddos for us...who were little angels we were told:-) We are so glad we got a way for a bit but I must admit that I was SO ready to get back to my little ones. Here are a couple of pictures from the trip:

The view from our cabin!

Bryan on the Appalachian Trail...he walked about a .10 mile of it:-)

Here we are at Laural Falls...it was a beautiful trail!

So enough about us...we have lots of catching up to do about the triplets!!! First we must wish them happy 9 months old today:-D I know every mom says it but time is FLYING by!!! They are just changing and growing so fast everyday...it's amazing!
First update is the Harry and Madeline officially have both of their bottom teeth. Olivia's have not popped through yet but we can tell it it just a matter of time. Here is a picture of Harry's 2 teeth...so cute:)

Next update is that we started the kiddos on solid foods about 2 1/2 weeks ago. They were showing lots of signs that they were ready so we decided to go ahead and start them on the veggies. They have doing great so far! There is not a thing that Harry and Madeline won't eat but Olivia is a different story. She ate the sweet potatoes and carrots fine but when we tried green beans and peas...what a spectacle! She makes some pretty entertaining faces and gags...so dramatic;-D Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from their very first feeding:

Another big milestone in the past couple of weeks had been sitting up. They are all able to sit up with only a little support from the boppy pillow. Olivia and Madeline have also started really rocking on their hands and knees trying to figure out how to crawl...it's only a matter of time we think. They are all three already rolling all over the family room...I never know where they are going to end up! We have decided that it is time to get their playroom ready. We are going to gate off our living room area so that I can keep track of everybody...or at least try! They have just gotten so active over the past couple of weeks...they are so much fun:-) Here are a couple of pictures of Harry and Olivia sitting by themselves:
Another big event was my first Mother's Day! We celebrated the day at Bryan's mom's house along with my parents. It was a wonderful day! Here a few pictures:
Grammy with Harry, Mommy with crazy little Madeline and Nana with Olivia
Daddy and Harry watching Grampy fishing
Mommy reading her 1st Mothers Day card from her lil' angels:-D
To finish out, here are a few of our favorite photos we have captured of the "trio" over the past couple of weeks...enjoy!
I actually layed this blanket on the floor for Olivia to lay on...I guess she had better plans for it!

Doesn't Harry look like a little man?!?! He's going to be a chik magnet for sure;-D

Here are the kiddos after eating carrots...I guess it was really hard work for Olivia!

Ok, so this is how I found Olivia in her activity gym the other day...she thought it was hilarious but I on the other hand came the conclusion that the babes have out grown this toy!

The triplets have really started playing and interacting with each other a lot...it is probably my favorite thing when they laugh and talk to each other! Here are the girls playing together:

Isn't this the cutest picture of Olivia and Madeline together?!?!

Since the weather has gotten nicer, we try to take the kiddos for lots of walks because they just love getting outside. Here they all are ready to go for a walk with their hats on:

Personalities continue to grow with all three...Madeline had earned nicknames such as "Crazy Girl" and "Wild Thing" because she is wild!!! She never ceases to have us laughing:-D

Olivia flashing that coy little smile:-)

We take the triplets this afternoon for their 9 month doctor appointment. I will be sure to post on update on weights and height! Take care:-D