Monday, December 22, 2008


Ok, we are finally updating our blog...I know it has been awhile. Time sure does fly by when taking care of three babies! Anyway, we were so excited because about a week ago we started getting our first real smiles from the babes...that is just so great! Harry and Olivia were the first to smile and then Madeline did a few days later. I've got a couple fun pictures of them smiling below.

Other big news is the triplets turned 4 months old on last Friday and will be 6 weeks adjusted age on Christmas eve! They went on the 16th for their well baby visit and they are all continuing to grow like little weeds. Olivia is still our big girl at 11 lbs., Harry is 10 1/2 lbs. and Madeline is 10 lbs. Truly amazing to think considering just 4 months ago these little guys started at just 2 lbs. 6oz., 2 lbs. 7oz. and 2 lbs. 11oz. They say Christmas is a time for miracles and there is no doubt that these three amazing babies are our miracles from God! It truly makes us count our blessings everyday.

Well to close out please enjoy all our pictures...I'm kind of behind adding them. Hope you enjoy:-D Have a very merry christmas!!!

Olivia "lounging around" with Daddy (11/16/08):

Harry during "tummy time"...such a big boy! (11/20/08):

Olivia bonding with Grampy on Thanksgiving:

Our first Thanksgiving together...quite an armful!:

Daddy with "mini-me" aka Harry:

The kiddos love theses pacifiers called "Wubbanubs"

Harry...we thought this shirt was perfect for him:-D

Madeline...looking more like mommy these days:

Hanging out with Nana:

And Grammy:

A rare picture of all three wide awake!

Sisters trying to tell daddy something...can you read their shirts???

Here are our first smiles from:



And Madeline