Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting Bigger!

Well we took the kiddos for their Synagis (RSV) shots yesterday and got updated weights for them...they are continuing to get so big!!! Here are their weights:

Olivia (aka. Budda) : 12 lbs 8 oz
Harry : 11 lbs 13 oz
Madeline : 11 lbs 15 oz

We are just so blessed that these three little miracles continue to grow as well as they have. They are now 9 weeks adjusted age and have almost already grown out of their 3 month sized clothes! We really are so glad they are getting so big but at the same time I can't help but get a little sentimental when I realize how fast they grow up. Of course, I here from everyone it only continues to go faster as they get older so I try not to wish time by too fast. This can be hard to remember though when you are feeling sleep deprived and I can't wait for spring time so we can finally leave this stinkin' house!!!! I think all four of us are getting a little stir crazy from having to stay at home all the time. Boy will we be glad when RSV season is over!!! For those who may be wondering when that is, it will be sometime in April.

Really not much else new for us though. All three of our little munchkins keep continuing to get more and more social with smiles and cooing....that is just so much fun:-D Here are a couple new pictures...enjoy!!

The triplets hanging out: cute!:

Here they are again in their bumpos:

And here's Mr. Smiley!:

Madeline watching football...she thinks she's a big girl:-D :

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well what a crazy year 2008 was for the Callahan family...we went from 2 of us to 5 of us?!?!? But what three little blessings God gave us as I can't imagine what life would be without all three of them. It is hard to believe that 2008 is already gone was definitely a year that we will never forget!

Our first New Year's as the five of us was VERY low key. Since we can't take the kiddos anywhere, it was just us at home and in fact, we went to bed at 9:30pm!!! Oh how life has changed for us:-D But Olivia decided that at 11:45 she wanted to get up and ring in the New Year so we were actually up at midnight...hehe.

The triplets' first Christmas was wonderful though! We celebrated Christmas day at our house with Grammy, Grampy, Nana and Aunt Leah. It really was so nice to have the whole family here so that everyone could spend quality time with the babies. They of course were spoiled for Christmas with toys, diapers (this is a big deal for us!) and a Jumparoo. They are too little for their Jumparoo right now but I think they will love it once they are a bit bigger.

Speaking of size, they are continuing to get bigger and bigger. We haven't had them officially weighed in a couple of weeks but based on our scale Olivia is up to 13 lbs.!!! Harry and Madeline are not too far behind either. They turned 8 weeks adjusted age on Wednesday so they seem to be doing just great even though they were so premature.

All three of them continue to be more and more social and interactive which is so much fun for Mommy and Daddy...those smiles and laughs are addicting!!! They have all discovered their hands too and are starting to grab at things a little more. In fact, Olivia has found her thumb! She has decided that her thumb is much better than her pacifier which is fine by us for now:-D It really is so cute though!

Well that is about it from the Callahan front for now! I've posted some new pictures below and will continue to update everyone as I find the time...which is easier said than done:-D Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Madeline looking at the Christmas tree:

Madeline is a goof-ball...she likes to take her hand and flip her boppy on her head...don't ask:-D :

Not sure where she learned this from but check out the pouty lip on Olivia! :

Mommy and Harry:

The Triplets on Christmas...I think Olivia was done with Christmas by the end of the day:

Aunt Leah hanging out with Harry and Olivia:

Madeline with her stocking:

Olivia gets her first horse:-D :

Harry LOVED his stuffed Frog:

The whole family on Christmas:

Harry and Olivia in their Christmas jammies:

Olivia sucking her cute! :