Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Is it spring yet?!?!?!

Can you tell that the Callahan household is getting some serious spring fever?!?!? We are SO ready for RSV season to be over so that mommy and the triplets can be released into public:-D I guess we are getting closer though!

We are so, so blessed as our three little munchkins just continue to do so well. They will be three months adjusted age next week and are all three growing so great physically and socially. We had to take Olivia in last Friday for a swallow study because she was showing signs of discomfort while eating her bottles. Sure enough, the swallow study showed that she was having some deep penetrations above her air way which can really hurt when they are eating. So Olivia has to have her bottles thickened with rice cereal which seems to have helped her a lot. Other than this minor issue Olivia is doing great though! We had her weighed at her swallow study and she was just over 14 lbs.!!!! She is smiling a ton and likes to have little conversations with is so cute:-)

Madeline and Harry are doing great also! We have not had them officially weighed in about 3 weeks but we think they are both somewhere between 12 and 13 lbs. Madeline has really progressed physically and socially over the past few weeks. She can hold her head on her own very steady and can roll from her tummy to her back almost every time. She also loves to grab on to her toys and put them in her mouth or just have a conversation with them....she is such a funny baby:-) She has also found her squeal and loves to hear herself do that. And her favorite is when her daddy tells her how pretty she is....she will smile from ear to ear everytime he does cute!

Harry, our little hambone, continues to do great also. He has many nicknames but the most fitting for him is Mr. Happy. The boy almost never stops smiling from the time he wakes up until the evening. He just loves to be told he is handsome and the funniest is everytime to say to him, "show me your gums", he smiles! He also LOVES to carry on conversations with you. This kid definitely has to gift of gab and can talk to you forever. I guess this is no surprise considering who his parents are:-D

Here are some updated pictures of them from the past couple of weeks...enjoy!

Olivia and Grampy hanging out...she loves to sit like a big girl!

Daddy and Harry watching Illinois play basketball:

Harry being a hambone:

Ok, Olivia may never forgive us for this but this is a picture of the face she makes while she is pooping...we call it "poopface". We laugh everytime! :

Daddy is convinced all of his children will be Illinois is Olivia wearing Daddy's hat:

Here are the girls playing with their Dog, was so cute! :

Mommy and Harry...he's kind of a momma's boy:-D :

Here are the triplets hanging out together...they are getting bigger aren't they?!?! :

Here's Harry taking a nap in Daddy's chair...he seems comfy:

Here's Olivia and Harry playing...of course I didn't put them this way...Harry weasled his way around so that he could kick sissy for awhile...already rotten! :


Rhyme and Reason said...

Ashley and Brian they are sooo cute! Seriously...they are getting so big and you can tell they all have their own little personalities! I am so glad things are going well for you guys! Spring will be here before we know it! :) Thank you for sharing your babes with us!

BlogThis said...

My mom sent me your link!! I am so excited!! Hope to see you guys Post-RSV season soon!!

Laura and Jeremy said...

Great post and pictures. They are getting so big. I mean, chunks! :) You HAVE to frame the picture of the three of them in their onesies. It is so precious!

Hang in there. Spring will be here soon...I hope!

Can't wait to see you and the babies in a few weeks! Yahoo!

Aimee Ash said...

Spring is right around the corner! Hope to see you soon :-)