Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Yeah Spring!!!

The Callahan household is SO glad the spring is finally here (even if it was only 40 degrees on Sunday)! For those who know me well, you know how much I LOVE planting flowers and gardening. I can't wait to get started on getting some things planted here at the new house soon:-D We had someone come out yesterday and make the flower beds for us so all we have to do now is plant and mulch...I know Bry is so excited;-D

I am also loving spring because I have finally been able to get the babies out some more for walks around the neighborhood. They love getting out and getting fresh air just as much as mommy I think! Of course, we are a total spectacle around the neighborhood with our triplet stroller/mini-bus. It is a miracle if I get through a walk without being stopped at least once for someone to ask, "is that triplets?!?!?". That's ok though...we love showing off our cute little trio:-D

Speaking of the triplets, Olivia and Harry both reached big developmental milestones last week...they are both now rolling from their back to their tummies! It is so cute!!! In fact, we can't seem to even keep them on their backs for anything now...even when sleeping. Check out this picture of Harry...this is how we found him napping a couple days ago:

Cute, huh?!?! Madeline is doing great also though!!! She is not trying as much to roll on her tummy but she is really close to being able to sit on her own. It is fun to have three babies at once and see how differently babies grow and develop. They are all three of course still VERY vocal and super smiley. Here are few more pictures of the kiddos:

Crazy Madeline with Mommy

Sisters :-)

Madeline and Harry...don't they look a lot alike in this picture?

The girls again...look, they are holding hands!

Some other fun things that have been going on for us is that this past Sunday we had my parents over and Bry's mom over to have a small to-do for my 28th birthday. It was nice to have everyone together for dinner, cake and play the babies. Here is an adorable picture of Olivia and I celebrating mommy's b-day:

Also, a couple of weeks ago we got a triplet feeding table for the three munchkins. We decided to go with this instead of three high chairs for sake of room and convenience. We have not actually started any solid foods yet. We are waiting until they are about 6 months adjusted age ( they are about 4 1/2 months adjusted age now) to start that new adventure. Here are a couple pictures of them in their new table:

Another fun thing mommy and the triplets did was go on our first play date!!! Last wednesday, I took the kiddos over to my friend Megan Corcoran's house to play with her triplet boys. Megan and I have become great friends because we have so much in common...we both went to Butler, we have triplets and they were born only 2 weeks apart from each other. Anyway, it was a super fun morning with the kiddos all together. I tell you though...it was crazy to see six babies all together and to know that they were all ours!!! Here a couple pictures:

Quinn and Madeline having fun together:

Yes, there are six babies in this picture!!!!

Last thing, just this past weekend, the triplets got an early visit from the Easter bunny!!! Our realtor, Jamie Boer, arranged the whole thing and it really was so cute. We thought for sure Madeline would cry when she saw the easter bunny but she actually did great! Here is their first picture with the Easter bunny:


Aimee said...

Happy Belated birthday Ashley!

Laura and Jeremy said...

Oh, Ash, they are so stinkin' cute! I'm so glad you have been able to get out and go on walks and play dates. I love the pics. Once Addie rolled on her tummy she always slept on her tummy. I think she wanted to sleep that way for a long time. :) See you this weekend! Hooray!

Nikki said...

aww, I love the holding hands- so sweet!

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mamalouise said...

I LOVE these pictures!!! They are soo cute and getting soo big! I love the ones of them holding hands...freaking precious! The biggest question is: Did you make a run to Dvegas to get your flowers this year? :) They have the best prices and it is such a lovely place! :) Hope all is well! Happy Birthday!

BandBbaby said...

The easter bunny...I love it!!! I think Garrett would have freaked out, hehe. I am glad you got to get out on a play date and I am looking foward to arm weather for our walks!