Friday, April 17, 2009

Triplets' First Easter

Well we had a wonderful first Easter as a family of five! The Easter came to visit the triplets and brought them a fun Easter book (we could've done the traditional easter basket thing but of course Bry and I would be the ones eating the candy:-). Here's a picture of Daddy reading their new book to them.

And here's Olivia "reading" her first Easter card:

Madeline and Harry enjoyed their first cards too:-D

We actually spent our first holiday with the trio away from our house. We took the babies over to Grammy and Grampy Skinner's house for an afternoon of eating, playing and family time. Nana Callahan and Aunt Leah also joined us over there and we all really had a great time. The triplets are the most laid back easily adaptable babies so it makes it easy to take them places. They just made themselves right at home playing, taking their bottles and even taking a great nap! Here are some pictures from the wonderful day:

Our first Easter picture as a family of five

Playtime at Grammy and Grampy's!

Nana with Harry and Grammy with Madeline

Aunt Leah with all three!

Harry enjoying time with his Grammy

To close out for today I had to include the next couple of pictures because they are too cute. This one is of Harry and Olivia "playing". Harry kept wanting to stick his hand in Olivia's mouth but she was not impressed at all. 2 seconds after this picture was taken, Olivia burst into tears because Harry began hitting her repeatedly since Olivia wouldn't let him put his hand in her mouth...and this is just the beginning:-)

Olivia sitting like a big girl in Daddy's chair...isn't she getting so big?!?!


BandBbaby said...

Great update! Everyone looks so healthy and happy. God has truely blessed you with three good babies. I hope enjoyed the weather yesterday. We were out all day and I feel 10 times better today except for the rain!

Jaimie said...

Looks like a fun Easter celebration! I love all your pics...your kiddos get cuter every post :)

We are planning on moving next Sat May once things settle down we'll have to get together - i'd love to meet your new fam!

Jaimie Z

chrisandkorie said...

WOW, Ashley! A mommy of triplets! Michelle (jorgenson) sent me to see your blog, and I'd love to catch up. I asked her for your email, so maybe we could get in touch. I guess I don't want to write my email on a blog, but I hope we can talk soon.
So good to see you so very happy (and bryan as well). Chris and I both send our greetings!

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

So cute! Looking forward to getting all of the kiddos together Memorial Day at Brooke's! We'll have 6 kiddos between the three couples and half of them are yours. Who would have thought!
:-) Hope you have a good week!