Monday, November 9, 2009

Trick or Treat!

Harry, Olivia and Madeline got to go trick-or-treating for the first time this Halloween! We had so much fun with them and our three "little bugs" were a big hit:-) We met up with our good friends the Kline's and our friends from Louisville, the Angermeier's so that the triplets could trick-or-treat with their buddies Garrett and Addie...they were all so cute! Here they all are ready to go:

Here everyone is going to their first house to say, "trick-or-treat!"....well sort of;-)

Daddy pulling the trio along by the scary spider...well actually only mommy thought it was scary...the kiddos loved it!

Here we are with our first lollipops...we decided it was a special occasion;-)

Heading back home after a big evening of trick-or treating...that's "uncle" jeremy pulling us:-)

Olivia the ladybug

Madeline the bumblebee

Harry the spider

Whew! So exhausted after such a big evening...can't wait for next year:-D


Laura and Jeremy said...

We loved seeing you all! The kids all did great and looked cute, too!

Jaimie said...

very cute ash - and i love love love the jammies :) happy halloween!

Janette said...

It looks your family has fun holidays. So what did you guys do for Thanksgiving?