Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Almost One...

Hello everyone! It is so hard to believe that in a week from today, my three precious little babies are going to be turning one?!?! Although I knew this year would fly by (because everyone tells you that) I still find myself getting rather emotional about the fact that my amazing little angels are growing up. But of course it is a wonderful thing because they are doing SO well!!! This weekend we will be celebrating their birthday with family and friends at our house so I will be sure to post pictures from that.

As far as the past month (since it has been that long since I last posted a new blog...oops), we have just been enjoying the summer months as a family. We have done a lot of fun things such as go the Fishers Farmers Market for the first time. We also went out to eat with our friends, the Corcorans (they have the triplet boys), and boy was that fun! As you can imagine, it was quite a site with 4 adults and 6 babies at a table:-D We also attended their boys' first birthday party and that was tons of fun too!

And to update you all on the triplets...they are doing GREAT!!! Still getting bigger and bigger and just changing everyday. Everyone is officially crawling....and not only crawling, but crawling fast!!! They are EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING. But it is just so much fun to watch them:-) They are playing a ton together...their favorite game is to chase each other around the house...they just squeal! All three of the kiddos are also pulling themselves up to a stand and are able to take a few steps with mommy and daddy's's only a matter of time before our house is officially a zoo with crazy kiddos running wild:D

Anyway, here are some pictures to recap our past month of summer fun:

Bryan and I went to Kings Island with our friends Jay and Mary without the kiddos...we had a blast!

Here are the kiddos rooting on Daddy at his soccer game;-)

Daddy and Madeline hangin' out

Harry being a goof ball

Olivia and Harry playing with Mommy

Doesn't this picture just put a smile on your face???

Using Mommy as a jungle gym...look at Harry watching the t.v....he is watching Tiger Woods:-)

I just couldn't resist putting this picture up....are we having fun yet???

Sisters playing...

Olivia looking at Daisy cute!

Madeline LOVES to stand up in her crib now that she knows how

Now they are using Daddy as a jungle gym

Isn't this a funny picture of them all sitting watching the t.v.?

Harry and Daddy....this picture just melts my heart!


Here's Olivia showing off her new trick!

Sisters playing:-)

The next few pictures are of our first family trip to Holland Park. We had a blast with the kiddos! We let them play outside and they got to go in the kiddy swings for the first time. They all enjoyed it but of course Madeline, our little adventurous one, LOVED the swings. Here are Harry and Madeline exploring:

Harry swinging!

Madeline loving the swings

Olivia and Harry wondering why nobody is swinging them;-)

In this picture, Olivia is in the background begging for some of Daddy's milkshake...hehe

All three at the park!

Harry when he was first starting to crawl...go! go! go!

Here the triplets at their friends' the Corcoran triplets' first birthday party:

Harry and Madeline playing with Will

Olivia playing

Madeline riding the horsey...Mommy loves this!!! ;-)

Daddy and his girls...

Madeline's new thing is to crawl around with her toys in her mouth....crazy thing!

Here is Harry watching Daisy cute!


Laura and Jeremy said...

Great update! They are full of personality! So sorry we can't be there for their b-day party. Take lots of pictures. Love and miss you all!

BandBbaby said...

Great pictures! I really enjoyed getting to watch them on Tuesday night. They are all three so different but wonderful in their own ways. I really have to say great job you guys; they are great kids! Excited to see you Sunday!

A New Beginning said...

Ashley, I simply cannot believe how big they are! It is amazing. They look like they are doing so good, that is awesome. I have thought of you guys so much, and am so happy that I found you again on FB, and now here! ;) I will send you an e-mail soon.
Give them all a little hug for me! `Wendy teneza

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Can't wait for their party this weekend!

mamalouise said...

Loved this post as I do all of your posts!! The pictures are amazing...AMAZING!! They are gonna be brilliant and talented like their mommy and daddy! :)

Tony & Jaimie said...

Lots of fun pics Ash! I think my favorite was of Harry on the swing - his face is pure JOY!!

keep 'em coming!