Wednesday, July 8, 2009

On the Move and Splashing Around

Hello everyone! First off we want to start off by wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July (a few days late of course). Since the weather wasn't so great we didn't end up doing a whole lot but we really enjoyed our time at home as a family:-) Here are the triplets on their first 4th...can you tell they are impressed...hehe;-)

As for what we have been up to for the past couple of weeks...basically just enjoying the summer! The kiddos are just growing and changing SO FAST! As I always say, it is so hard to believe they are almost 11 months old. I'm getting emotional just thinking about planning their 1st birthday! Both Olivia and Madeline are crawling all over the is so fun to watch. They are also starting to pull up on everything, so as you can imagine we are in full-fledged baby-proofing mode:-) Happy Harry is doing great also! He is really working hard on his crawl...he's got the army crawl down though:-)

As many of you know, we have been blessed to have our parents live so close to us to help us out in what ever way we need with the kiddos. Both my mom and Bry's mom are so gracious with their time every week to help get house stuff done and help our with baby stuff too. Of course, I don't think they mind too much since they get to see the babes so much and spend quality time with them also:-) So even though I say THANK YOU a lot to them, I thought it would be fun to plan a morning at the zoo with the three of us and the kiddos. We had a blast! Here are a few pictures from the day:

Nana, Grammy and the trio

Par for the course, Madeline is wide awake and ready to party while Olivia and Harry just couldn't stay awake one minute longer

Here's the six of us (plus Mr. Giraffe)

Another fun new thing the triplets have experienced for the first time this summer is the swimming pool...and they love it! They are like three little fish:-) Harry especially loves the water and thinks it is sooo much fun to splash his sisters. We started first with our little kiddy pool that we got for them. Look how cute they are:-)

Since they did so great in their little pool we decided to move on up to the big pool! We took them over to our neighborhood pool with their little floaties. Again, they just loved it! They enjoyed watching the other kids splashing around in the pool. And Harry got so relaxed in his floaty that he started falling was so cute:-) Here are some pics:

Here's Harry "chillaxin" as Daddy calls it

As always, I close out this blog with a ridiculous amount of pictures of the kiddos...I just can't help myself:-D

Olivia LOVES the play her little piano

Uh oh...Olivia doesn't look too happy that Harry has her piano;-)

Olivia and Harry looking cute while Madeline wrestles the boppy

Look who got caught trying to climb the stairs!

The sisters have a good ol' time:-)

And here's Harry "chilaxin" again:-)

So this picture has a story...Madeline is a baby on a mission when it comes to crawling and she crawls over what ever gets in her way...including her brother. Well I think Harry got fed up and grabbed Madeline's shirt as she tried to crawl over him so she couldn't go anywhere. As you can see by the smirk on his face he thought is was pretty funny:-)

Last Friday we finally got to meet our good friends Jay and Mary's new baby girl Lila...and she is SO CUTE! We think Harry thinks so too;-)

Here's crazy little Madeline wrestling the boppy again

Olivia can now sit herself up completely on her own so this is how we've been finding her in her cute:-)

We think Harry watched Madeline enough to try his hand at the boppy wrestling...yes, I know...our kiddos are crazy;-)


Aimee said...

Okay, so I'm jealous of their pool--does that come in adult size?

Jaimie said...

Ash - you can never have too many pics...that's what the blog is all about really :) Looks like a wonderful time with family! hope to see you soon and meet your "three lil callahans" in person!!


BandBbaby said...

Great pictures! With three kids and many personalities to capture you have to take lots of pictures! We need to do a walk soon. Looking foward to Monday at my house. Any ideas on lunch?

mamalouise said...

I love all of your pictures and I really want to see you guys very soon!! Lets get together! Gave you a blog award today...stop on by mine to see what it is! :)