Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Pictures and more...

As usual this post is a little outdated at this point but I am finally getting my picture posted from Christmas this year. We had a wonderful Christmas with the triplets and the rest of our family. It was so much fun to see their faces on Christmas morning with the presents under the tree (and no baby gate!). Of course, I still don't think they really get the whole Christmas thing but they still had so much learning how to rip open presents and playing with their new toys. We spent the morning at home just the five of us, opening our presents and spending time as a family. We then took the kiddos over to Bryan's mom's house for Christmas dinner and more present opening. Over there, Bryan's sister and her boyfriend Nate and my parents all joined us. It was a great time together! The triplets were of course spoiled by everyone with great gifts and attention:-) Here are some pictures from the day:

Seeing the tree for the first time on Christmas morning

"Look! We got our first ponies!!!"

Harry getting his Christmas card

Harry "reading" their Christmas card to his sisters....they loved this card because it sang 'Jingle Bell Rock'

Harry taking his first golf swings with Daddy...according to Bryan, it is never too early to get them started;-)

Harry still checking out his first golf club set

Harry playing with Grampy and Aunt Leah's new puppy

Olivia opening her present from Aunt Leah...she got the girls preemie twin Cabbage Patch cute!!!

Opening presents with Nana

Harry with Aunt Leah...he was officially done with Christmas!

Madeline playing with the Ladybug they got from Grammy and Grampy

Harry trying out the Ladybug too!

The girls helping Grampy put their new toy together

"Let's open this present together!"

Our family Christmas tree:-)

Here are the girls riding their new rocking horses...what naturals!!!
Madeline playing with her new baby....she looooooves her baby doll! She even gives him kisses:-)

So the triplets finally got to experience snow for the first time on the Sunday after Christmas. We decided to bundle everybody up(this is a feat in itself!!!) and take them out to play in the snow. We had bets on whether Olivia or Madeline would be the first to cry but we both lost that bet! Harry HATED the snow...he may look like Daddy but I think he is definitely his Mommy's son in that aspect;-) Here are some fun pictures:

Olivia loved the snow the most...can you tell?!?!?

Our three lil' snow bunnies:-D

Check out Harry's face...that pretty much sums up his opinion of snow!

Harry after his traumatic experience in the snow...such much happier now;-)

One of the triplets' big presents for Christmas was a ball pit from their Nana. They absolutely LOVE this thing! They will play forever with it. Here are some cute pictures of them playing with it:

Everyone knows that we are huge Colts fans so of course we our kiddos are too;-) We've even taught Olivia to say "Go Colts!" and Harry will put his arms up when we say "Touch Down!"

Go Colts!

For New Years Eve, our good friends the Sablehaus' invited us over for a family slumber party with our kids and us. It was so much fun! We took over the pack n plays and had a great time with them and our other good friends the Klines. The kiddos were able to all play together for awhile and then we put them to bed so us adults could ring in the new year together. It was so nice to get to do that with them! Here are some fun pictures from the night:
Playing with "Uncle Brad"...he's so much fun!

Madeline and Cole playing together

Madeline, Cole and Garrett in the play room

And of course I close out this post with some extra fun and random pictures...enjoy!
Olivia getting herself stuck in her rocking horse....don't ask...

And since that looked like so much fun Madeline decided to try it too! Crazy girls;-)

Madeline and Daddy

And here is our crazy little Madeline...still being crazy:-D


Laura and Jeremy said...

Love all the pics! They are getting so big! I can't wait to see them!

A New Beginning said...

Ashley,awesome pics! ;) It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! ;) I can't get over how big they all are getting. Wow. maybe now that the new year has started we may be able to find some time to get together. I would love to catch up if you have time. ;)
~ wendy