Monday, March 29, 2010

We're Back!!!

Yes, we are finally back from our blog hiatus. I apologize for the extreme almost 3 month delay in updates...I have no real excuse except laziness;-) Or maybe a better word for it is sheer exhaustion! You see, since our three little pumpkins have officially become toddlers...I can barely keep up! Yes, it is official...everyone is now walking...or make that running:-) Harry was our last to master the fine art of mobility but once he did he has never looked back! The triplets are basically non-stop movement from the time they get up until they go to bed (except for afternoon nap of course). But boy are they SO much fun! We have just loved watching how much they have changed over the past couple of months as they have officially become toddlers and not babies anymore (yes, I am getting teary-eyed as I write that). And not only are they walking everywhere but they are all talking so much more too! Olivia is probably our biggest chatterbox and can pretty much mimic every word we say. Her favorite and 1st word was of course "clothes"...yes, you heard me right. She gets it honestly though;-) Harry and Madeline are talking more and more too. And boy are these three getting big! We just got weighed today and Madeline and Harry are about 24 1/2 lbs and Olivia is pushing 27 lbs.!!! Anyway, since I have about a thousand pictures uploaded, I'll just catch you up on our last couple months that way...enjoy:-D

I know everyone wants pictures of the kiddos but this first one is of us in Florida. We took a short vacation to Marco Island on Feb.10-14 just the two of us for some much needed r&r. It was a little on the chilly side for Florida but we had a great time!

Mommy and the kiddos back in february

Olivia and Madeline with their baby stroller. They would fight over this thing so much, Nana was so kind as to get us a second one. Now the girls have what we like to call "stroller derby" around the is so cute!

Once these three figured out how to get themselves on the couch there was no stopping them...they love it up on the "big" couch!

Olivia with her pony...I still have high hopes for an equestrian;-)

Harry and Madeline

We got the kiddos sunglasses for the summer...isn't Harry so cool;-)

The triplets LOVE books...and I mean LOVE! They beg for their books so they can look at they all are having story time.

Remember how I mentioned about the sunglasses...well here is Madeline with hers. The other two won't leave them on but Madeline cries when I take them off of her! She definitely loves her accesories:-)

I'm sure most of you have seen pictures from our sleepover at the Sabelhaus' on Feb. 20th but in case you haven't here are all of our much fun!

You may remember pictures of the ball pit the triplets got from their Nana for x-mas. Well they still LOVE that thing and have since found new ways to play with it. I have to hand it to them with their creativity!

Olivia with the big ball!

"Hi mom!"

Harry on his car beanbag

Madeline doing her best supermodel pose on her pink beanbag:-)


Harry with daddy on St. Patty's Day

Story time with Daddy

I was SO excited to finally get the triplets outside to play once the weather finally got warm enough. We've been to the park (story for another day!), out for walks and fun playing in the back yard. Here they are playing with some of our neighbor's kids.

So probably our biggest adventure since Christmas time was our trip for the triplets' first haircuts! We took all three of them to Clubhouse Cuts for Kids on March 21st. They all did remarkably well although none of them were big fans of the cape...I think we'll pass on it next time:-)
Here is Madeline during her haircut

And here she is after!

Harry before..


and after!

Olivia before...

and after!

And her is the whole fam!

And here is Harry on the way home from his haircut...notice anything different??? Yep! They are all facing front in the car like big kids now!


Aren't they so cute watching Micky Mouse Club on their beanbags?!?! Oh, and notice the girls' t-shirts?...go Butler!!!!!

Playing with our tunnel

Madeline and her lion...she loves to walk around with lion and rub her face with his cute;-)

Little man!

Olivia taking her dinosaur for a walk!

Harry hiding behind the bookcase

Playing with our balloons we got from Garrett's 2nd birthday party....Happy Birthday Garrett!

Madeline hanging out with Uncle out Aunt may have some competition here;-)

And I just though this picture of Harry was a great way to close out the blog for now...isn't he great?!?! We think so:-D


BandBbaby said...

Great pics Ash! We need to meet at your park soon...maybe next week! Go Dawgs!

Aimee said...

Love the pictures and so glad the BU shirts fit the girls for the big game on Saturday! Chat soon!

Tony & Jaimie said...

Love the updated blog - so fun to see your babies growing up. They are each so precious!

Laura and Jeremy said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but I loved all the pictures! It was so great going to the game with you and seeing the kiddos in person.

A New Beginning said...

Ashley, they are getting sooooo big! ;) They all look wonderful, and it is amazing to see the changes in them since the last time I saw all three of them. I'm so glad you and Bryan were able to take a much needed vacation. I am sure that helped so much. ;) Grace is getting ready to turn one in May, time sure does fly doesn't it? I don't have your number anymore, but would love to get together sometime and catch up. Grace would love to meet Olivia, Madeline and Harry I am sure ;)