Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Adventures

Yeah!!!! Summer is finally here, although does it really have to be this hot?!?! I really am not complaining about the heat though after being cooped up inside the house all winter long. Anyway, since summer has come, we have had all kinds of fun adventures with the triplets! We have been to the Zoo, the Children's Museum, Conner Prairie, the splash park, the pool....well you get the point...we have just had so much fun finally getting to get out as a family:-) I guess the easiest way to catch you up on our summer adventures is through pictures (get ready because there are a lot!). Hope you enjoy:-D

We went to the Zoo at the end of May with our bestest friends the Klines. It was a beautiful morning and kiddos got to see tons of animals. Here are some highlights:

The Fam:-)

Looking at the fish in the Oceans exhibit. If you ask what sound s fish makes, they all make the cutest little fish face:-)

Olivia and Daddy looking at the giraffe


Playing in the fountains in the White River Gardens

For Easter, Nana got the triplets the cutest water table ever that looks like a pirate ship...they just love it!

Celebrating Grampy's birthday

Playing pirates with Daddy....I think Daddy loves the water table as much as the kiddos;-)

Splish Splash with Daddy!

I just though this was the funniest pictures of Olivia...I think she may be a little gymnist!

In early June, we went to Nana's house to celebrate Daddy's birthday. We had cake and dinner and then took a short boat ride. Olivia of course LOVED the boat ride but Harry and Madeline were not too sure. I bet they will love the boat when they get older though:-)

The girls petting Cammy

Olivia was waving to everyone who passed us on the cute!

This picture pretty much sums up Harry's feelings about the boat...

Olivia helping daddy drive the boat

Grampy and Mommy with Olivia and Madeline

Look!!! Grampy caught a fish!!!

Madeline helping Nana water her flowers...she loves flowers just like mommy:-)

Watching the other boats on the lake

The girls!

Towards the end of June, Mommy and Grammy took the kiddos to the Children's Museum for the very first time. They had a blast in the Playscape area which is perfect for kiddos their age.

Harry playing in the tractor

Olivia and Harry playing on the slide

Harry and Madeline playing with Grammy in the sandbox


All three planting a garden

Harry looks like a natural born aviator...just like his Grampy!

Playing with the train table

We celbrated Father's Day at Grammy and Grampy's are a few pictures from the day:
Darma wanted Olivia's cookie SO was so cute!

Olivia helping Grammy sweep off the porch


Harry and Daddy...isn't this cutest picture?!?!

Grampy and Daddy with the triplets

Here they are finding "other" uses for their table...such goofballs!

Hanging out with Grampy

Here they are with their favorite twin friends Addy and Lily....too cute!

At the Fishers Freedom was SO hot but they loved watching the frisbee dogs.

The girls playing peek-a-boo in their new playhouse

Over the fourth of July weekend we went to Fort Ben Harrison State park for the first time. We had a great time going on a hike and have a picnic. The kiddos even got to go on a pony ride! It was a beautiful day:-)

Watching the horses...

Olivia LOVED her pony ride! I am pretty sure she is going to be my future equestrian:-)

Although you cannot tell from this picture, Madeline loved her pony ride too. She was crying because the pony stopped moving...she wanted to go faster!

Harry and Daddy with the pony

Looking at the lake while we were on our hike

In the woods with Mommy and Daddy:-)

Harry playing ball after our picnic

The girls helping each other cary a huge was so cute!

On June 18th, we had a new addition added to the familly....the triplets' first baby cousin, Evan James was born! Bryan and I went to visit him for the first time in Mt.Zion, IL where Bryan's sister lives over the Fourth of July weekend. He is such a sweet baby and we are so excited the triplets have a cousin now!!!

For the Fourth of July, we went over to friends the Corcoran's house for a cookout and to let our kiddos play around together. Megan's triplet boys are just a couple of weeks older than ours and the six of them have SO much fun together. Here is Will going down the slide:

And there goes Harry!

And Madeline too:-)

Off to play with the boys!

Harry playing in the playhouse

We got a visit from "Uncle Joe", Bryan's best friend from college and the kids had so much fun playing with him. We were so glad to spend some time with Joe before he heads off to medical school at U of I!

Harry playing with the pirate ship

The girls playing in their pool in the backyard

Aunt Leah and Baby Evan made the trip to Indy to visit the triplets for the first time a couple of weeks ago. The girls were very curious about the baby...especially Madeline, but Harry wasn't so sure. In the this picture, you can see how the girls wanted to "feed" their babies while Baby Evan was fed...too cute!

And here Harry was having to learn that he has to "share" his Nana with Baby Evan...he wasn't so sure about this though!

Playing at Nana's house

Mommy and her "babies"...who aren't really babies anymore:-( Man, they are growing up fast!!!

Next on our agenda is a 2nd birthday party! We are doing a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme...I will be sure to post pictures!

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Amanda said...

That was an amazing post, I just can't believe how big they are getting!!!!! I can't believe how much Harry has your smile!!

Can't wait to see you guys in ONE month for their birthday party!!!! :)

Hugs to all of you!! =)