Thursday, August 26, 2010

2nd Birthday

Well here they are:

My three lil' two year olds! It is SOOOO hard to believe that Olivia, Harry and Madeline are now officially two years old. In some ways it seems like a life time ago that these three little miracles were born over 12 weeks early weighing in at just over 2lbs. each. And it seems like a life time ago that we called the NICU at Clarian North our home away from home for almost 11 weeks. It also seems like forever ago that we would be up for an hour and a half every 3 hours trying to feed three tiny preemies who took forever to finish a bottle. And time has continued to fly by while we have watched these three amazing kiddos changes SO much and beat SO many odds that were against them in the beginning. Now they are turning into little people....definitely not babies anymore! They love to run and play and chatter (they get that honestly!) and say 'no'. They also have decided that now they are two so they can throw tantrums like two year olds are supposed to;-) We have been more blessed than we can ever thank God for!

Here are some pictures from the birthday festivities. Bryan took Thursday off since it was their actual birthday and we decided to take the kiddos for a picnic at Ft. Ben Harrison State Park. Here are some pictures of the trips have fun on the playground:

Off they go!

We then had our family over Thursday evening for pizza and cupcakes and to watch the triplets open their presents. Here is Madeline giving her baby cousin, Evan a hug.

And Harry giving him a high-five...they will be such good buddies some day!

Opening presents with Aunt Leah

Madeline trying out her potty:-)

Harry playing with his awesome new trucks his Nana got him!

Madeline and her new baby doll

Olivia with her new baby doll

Playing with our new toys with Daddy...he's so much fun!

Their new kitchen from Grammy and Grampy!

Olivia talking on her new phone...they sure start early!


Madeline with her new Hello Kitty purse

Opening presents!

Opening thier cards from Mommy and Daddy

On Saturday, we threw a Micky Mouse Clubhouse themed birthday party for the triplets. We invited our closest family and friends to join us in celebrating their birthday. Thank you SO much to everyone who was amazing!

The kiddos LOVE balloons right now! Here are Olivia and Harry with their Mickey Mouse balloons.

Harry and Mickey:-)

Sweet Madeline...what a pretty birthday girl!

And here's my other pretty birthday girl, Olivia!

Playing with Grampy and our balloons.

Here is the cake we had made for the party...pretty cool, huh?

And here is the birthday trio! Happy 2nd Birthday Olivia, Harry and Madeline! We love you sooooooo much:-D

We had Amanda take pictures for us again at the party so as soon as I get those I will be sure to post them!


mamalouise said...

Happy 2nd birthday to Harry, Madeline and Olivia!!! They are so amazing BECAUSE they have great parents that have helped them beat those odds! :) A few things: Madeline is your twin...who made the mickey cake-love it...and I forgot my other thing. Dang it! xoxo

Tony & Jaimie said...

Looks like a fun celebrationg! Happy Birthday Olivia, Harry and Madeline. Wishing you another wonderful year of life :)