Monday, September 20, 2010

2 years old already...

Yes, our three little miracles are now officially two year olds! Well actually they turned two over a month ago, but as usual it has taken me forever to finally get the blog updated. I tried so hard to get it done before Bryan and I left for Aruba (pictures comine sooon!) but just ran out of time. But here they are...better late than never!

Olivia, Harry and Madeline LOVE Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so we decided to throw them a Mickey themed birthday party. It was a wonderful day and we were surrounded by our closest friends and family...such a blessing:-) Thanks so much to all who came! Amanda took pictures for us again so here are a few of our favorites from the day:

The Fam:-)

With Grammy and Grampy

Looking for cute!

They LOVED their Mickey balloons!

Madeline...with her Mickey ears


Madeline with Aunt Leah and baby cousin Evan

Harry playing with the boys

Harry and Nana

Their Birthday Cake!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you....

Yummy, Yummy!

Harry wouldn't even touch his cake last year...a lot changes in a year!


Opening presents...note the fit Harry was throwing. Of course, since they are two now they have to act like two year olds!

What did I get?!?!

Oh! A Mickey Mouse puzzle!!!

The day before their birthday party, Amanda took pictures of Aunt Leah, Nate and baby cousin Evan over at Nana's house. We took the triplets over to get family pictures also. Here are a few of those pictures too:

Our three 'lil miracles!



Madeline blowing kisses with Mommy:-)

My little gardener!

Olivia with Mommy

Harry and Daddy

Madeline and cute!

Nana with all four grandkids

The whole family!

The triplets with Evan...Olivia is not so sure about him crying!

Me and Bry...we actually look like pretty sane parents in this picture, huh?

Aruba pictures soon to follow!

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